Optimal Prong Selection for
Your Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Delving into the realm of prong choices for your lab grown diamond engagement ring reveals an intriguing facet of lab diamond jewelry customization. Different diamond shapes boast varying prong configurations, a crucial aspect in crafting your ideal engagement ring. This succinct guide offers insights into selecting the ideal prong count and type, assisting you in making a well-informed decision.

Round Brilliant Cut Lab Diamonds – Deciphering 4 Prongs vs. 6 Prongs

In the realm of round-shaped diamonds, two predominant prong options vie for attention: the 4-prong and the 6-prong settings. Remarkably, the 6-prong setting exclusively complements the round shape. Delve into the nuances of these two settings below:

A 4-prong setting for your lab diamond engagement ring stands as a versatile choice for round-shaped diamonds of varying carat sizes. This setting encompasses a basket-like structure where prongs emerge horizontally from the band, forming a securing framework with spaces between each prong. While this setting may lend a slightly squarish appearance to the diamond, it ensures increased visibility of the gemstone, suiting smaller diamonds optimally. Notably, the 4-prong option accommodates unique prong orientations, akin to a compass, offering distinct visual dynamics.

In contrast, we will recommend a 6-prong setting for your lab diamond engagement ring only for round-shaped lab grown diamonds exceeding 0.50 carats. While smaller diamonds might feel overwhelmed by the excess prongs, the 6-prong arrangement accentuates the diamond's innate roundness. Enhancing both the gem's shape and security, this setting's additional prongs eliminate the need for a basket. Yet, a practical consideration surfaces: a higher prong count increases the likelihood of snagging on clothing.

Asscher, Cushion, Emerald, Oval, Princess, and Radiant Shaped Lab Diamonds:

  • Asscher Shaped Lab Diamonds
  • Cushion Shaped Lab Diamonds
  • Emerald Shaped Lab Diamonds
  • Oval Shaped Lab Diamonds
  • Princess Shaped Lab Diamonds
  • Radiant Shaped Lab Diamonds

Diverse in shape, these diamonds invariably gravitate towards the 4-prong setting due to their inherent geometry. Alternatively, the 4-double prong setting offers an intriguing alternative.

Pear and Heart Shaped Lab Diamonds:

  • Pear Shaped Lab Diamonds
  • Heart Shaped Lab Diamonds

Pear and Heart shaped diamonds frequently find their home within the embrace of 3-prong settings, occasionally extending to 5-prong configurations. Notably, a "V" prong secures the pointed edges of these unique shapes, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits.

Marquise Shaped Lab Diamonds:

Marquise Shaped Lab Diamonds

Marquise diamonds exude elegance in "V" prong settings, often accompanied by basket arrangements. Alternatively, the addition of prongs along each side presents another stylish option.

Decoding Prong Types – Round, Eagle Claw, or Square?

The very shape of prongs yields a distinct impact on the overall aesthetic. Round prongs feature spherical tips, occasionally lending a bulkier appearance. Eagle claw prongs emulate the pointed grasp of an eagle's claw, encompassing a slightly larger portion of the diamond's surface. Square prongs, a classic choice, bear a distinct square finish; however, they too might seem bulky to some wearers.

At ORRO, bespoke prong finishes cater to individual preferences. Our customization service empowers you to tailor prong styles to align seamlessly with your vision.

Heart-Shaped Prongs

ORRO introduces a unique offering in the form of "heart-shaped prongs" for our lab grown diamond jewelry collection. This intricate option showcases prongs crafted in the shape of hearts when viewed from above. Suited for selected designs employing either four or six prongs, the heart-shaped prong option adds a touch of romance and personalization to your cherished piece.

With this comprehensive guide at hand, your journey toward selecting the ideal prong configuration for your lab grown diamond engagement ring becomes an informed and gratifying experience. At ORRO, we stand ready to transform your preferences into a dazzling reality.