ORRO's proprietary Platinum Vermeil material is comparable to pure platinum jewelry in appearance and craftsmanship. Because it's primary base composition of sterling silver, our Platinum Vermeil jewelry is considerably more affordable than solid gold – with a similar aesthetic appearance. Worn with caution, the platinum plating can retain its perfect appearance indefinitely. If however, the platinum plating is damaged by scratches, the underlying lustre of pure sterling silver will continue to provide an equally lustrous shine to complement your exquisite ORRO diamond simulated Gemstone.

Having said this, solid 18K Gold jewelry is a more expensive material option but with the traditional benefits solid gold have to offer.
The Difference

The only real characteristic shared by Platinum Vermeil and solid 18K white gold is color. Although there may be a slight difference in the tinge of silvery color, the difference in is minimal. Solid 18K yellow gold on the other hand has a distinctive yellow color as compared to Platinum Vermeil which is whitish silver in color.

Platinum Vermeil isn't as hard as solid gold because of its sterling silver base. It's considered a soft metal. Solid white/yellow gold is harder and therefore scratches less easily. It contains a certain amount of pure gold measured in carats. Gold of the same carat weight is the same quality regardless of its color.

Solid 18K gold is suitable for long-term, everyday wear and special occasions. It's an appropriate choice of metal for engagement and wedding rings as it has the necessary qualities to withstand the test of time.

Solid gold generally needs less care as compared to Platinum Vermeil. White gold maintains its color with little care. However, white gold usually needs to be rhodium plated at least once every twelve to eighteen months (depending on how often you wear it) to preserve its original color. Platinum Vermeil scratches more easily than Solid Gold jewelry due to its softer nature. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that your jewelry has minimum contact with other hard objects.

Solid 18K gold feels heavier and more durable as compared to Platinum Vermeil. For example, two rings of the same size and design weigh almost double when made in 18K solid gold as compared to Platinum Vermeil. Many people like the "heaviness" of solid 18K Gold jewelry.

Solid 18K gold is a superior metal compared to Platinum Vermeil. A price difference is notable when evaluating similarly designed rings of these metals as solid gold costs more than Platinum Vermeil. The cost of white gold rings varies depending on the percentage of pure gold it contains. The more it contains and the higher the carats, the more expensive it is. In the jewelry industry, solid 18K gold is considered as gold with the highest percentage of pure gold and is also the most expensive (as compared to 9K and 14K solid gold).

All solid 18K gold ORRO jewelry are set with ORRO's Premium Master Cut Diamond Simulants
A hand-cut & hand polished lab-grown diamond simulant that is painstakingly cut & polished to precision by our master cutters in our in-house workshop facility. This is done in the same manner each facet of a naturally mined diamond is cut & polished to maximize brilliance, following the industry’s most stringent diamond cutting standards.

All Platinum Vermeil ORRO jewelry are set with ORRO's Superior Cut Diamond Simulants
A machine-cut & hand polished lab-grown diamond simulant that is created in a manner whereby every facet of the stone is cut to precision and adheres to the industry's most stringent diamond cutting standards as set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) - the world's foremost authority on diamond grading.