Why ORRO Certified Lab Grown Diamonds?
At ORRO, we are proud to offer lab grown diamonds as an innovative and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds for all our jewelry. Lab grown diamonds have several advantages over their natural counterparts, including their ethical and eco-friendly origins, sustainability, superior quality and beauty, and best value for money.

By choosing ORRO's certified lab grown diamonds for your engagement ring or diamond jewelry, you can enjoy beautiful, high-quality jewelry while also making a positive impact on the environment and society.
Best Value for Money
ORRO Certified Lab grown diamonds are the best choice for customers seeking high-quality beautiful diamonds at an affordable and realistic price point. Compared to mined diamonds of a comparable size and quality, ORRO Certified Lab Grown Diamonds can be up to 75% to 85% cheaper than naturally mined diamonds.

This is because lab grown diamonds are produced using advanced technology in a controlled laboratory, which reduces the cost of production, and no mining is required. There is also healthy competition in the market of rough uncut and unpolished lab grown diamonds, thus creating a fair “market price”. This is unlike the prices of naturally mind diamond roughs which are artificially inflated by a near monopoly.
The cost of processing rough uncut and unpolished diamonds to the beautiful sparkling gemstone you see set on jewerly is the same for both naturally mined and lab grown diamonds. This invoices the cutting, polishing as well as certification process which are all done manually. Despite their lower price point, ORRO Certified Lab Grown Diamonds are still real diamonds and are just as beautiful and durable as naturally mined diamonds.
Ethical & Eco-Friendly Diamonds
ORRO Certified Lab grown diamonds are the ethical and eco-friendly choice for customers who want to make a difference with their purchase. Unlike naturally mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are mine-free and do not cause social and environmental harm.

At ORRO, we are committed to producing ethical engagement rings and jewelry using only lab grown diamonds or other created gemstones. Our diamonds are guaranteed to be 100% conflict-free and environmentally friendly. In fact, lab grown diamonds are seven times less impactful to the environment than mined diamonds, use significantly fewer resources, and emit a fraction of the air pollution, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan.
Sustainable yet Environmentally friendly
ORRO Certified Lab grown diamonds are an environmentally friendly choice as they don't require any mining, which can be destructive to the environment.

The production of lab grown diamonds uses significantly less water and energy compared to mined diamonds. Additionally, the carbon footprint of lab grown diamonds is much smaller than that of mined diamonds. By choosing ORRO certified lab grown diamonds, you can feel good knowing that you are making a positive impact on the environment.
Quality & Beauty
ORRO Certified Lab Grown diamonds have 100% the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as naturally mined diamonds, making them indistinguishable from their natural counterparts to the naked eye. The only difference between ORRO Certified Lab Grown diamonds and natural diamonds is their origins. ORRO Certified Lab Grown diamonds are created in a lab using innovative, cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural formation process by crystallizing carbon into a brilliant diamond inside the earth's crust.

This process allows for more control over the diamond's quality and ensures that each diamond is of the highest standard. ORRO’s lab grown diamonds are certified to be of the highest quality, with excellent clarity, color, and cut.
More Choice & Flexibility
ORRO Certified Lab grown diamonds offer customers more choice and flexibility when it comes to selecting a diamond for their jewelry. Since lab grown diamonds can be created in a controlled environment, they can be made in larger sizes and unique fancy shapes that are difficult to find in naturally mined diamonds.
Additionally, ORRO Certified lab grown diamonds come in a range of fancy colors, including pink, yellow, and blue, that are extremely rare or non-existent in natural diamonds.
Consistency in Quality
ORRO certified lab grown diamonds offer unparalleled consistency in terms of quality, color, and clarity. Mined diamonds are known for their variability, with each diamond being unique in terms of its characteristics. With lab grown diamonds, you can expect a high level of consistency across all diamonds produced. This means that you can be assured that your diamond will have the same level of quality as any other diamond produced, cut and polished by ORRO.
Sustainable & Traceable
ORRO Certified Lab grown diamonds are sustainable and traceable, ensuring that customers have a peace of mind knowing that their diamonds come from a sustainable & traceable source with no adverse impact on the environment.

At ORRO, we only use uncut and unpolished lab grown diamond roughs we procure from reputable laboratories who meet a stringent set of ethical and environmental guidelines.
One of the unique advantages of ORRO certified lab grown diamonds is their ability to be customized. Lab grown diamonds can be created in a wide range of colors and sizes, making them perfect for those who want something unique and personalized.
ORRO offers lab grown diamonds in a variety of cuts, shapes, and colors, so you can create the perfect piece of jewelry that reflects your individual style and preferences.