Lifetime Guarantee
ORRO guarantees you top grade diamond simulants and are willing to bet a lifetime guarantee for all our stones. Created using the industy’s most advanced technology, each stone is cut and polished individually just like a naturally mined diamond.

Our stone’s dazzling brilliance can also be attributed to ORRO’s arduous proprietary polishing process conducted at our workshop using a special micro-diamond mesh powder formula. After being machine polished, ORRO’s skilled craftmen use specialized microscopes that can magnify up to 200 times to carefully hand polish each stone before it is set. What begins with state-of-the-art science and technology ends with a careful act of art and passion.

We consider stones used on all ORRO jewelry to be the finest diamond simulants in existence and you are guaranteed the perfect cut, ultimate brilliance and a life-time of durability. We guarantee that these stones will forever retain their flawless beauty and promise to replace any stones for any discolouration or compromised brilliance under normal wear.
How close are our diamond simulants to a diamond? If a diamond stimulant is to pass the ultimate test, a professional diamond dealer must not be able to differentiate it from a diamond with his or her naked eye. This is a test that our stones have passed many times and it is only when an experienced gemologist is equipped with a microscope loupe that the two may be distinguished.

When it comes to hardness, our diamond stimulants measure a hardness rating of 8.5 to 9.0, with a mined diamond possessing a 10 on the industry standard Mohs scale. This hardness equals or exceeds that of precious stones such as sapphires and rubies.

ORRO is confident that we are offering you the most perfect diamond simulants in the industry. A computer model based on data by the Gemological Institute of America confirms that diamond stimulants used on ORRO jewelery pieces offer the same brightness as a Tolkowsky Diamond.