A crown, the hallmark of royalty. Adorned and ornamented fit for a queen. The Miss Universe Singapore 2015 crown was design by ORRO to be a masterpiece in its own right. The designers & jewelers at ORRO envisioned the design of the crown such that it reflects the values of an independent woman, one who is dignified, sophisticated and elegant. It serves as a reminder of the unwavering strength of a woman, her capacity to love and care, to help and make this world a better place out of her sheer will and unrivalled dedication.
The crown by ORRO marks a milestone for the new Miss Universe Singapore 2015, that she is the ultimate symbol of inspiration, the pinnacle of her accomplishment and more to come. It is in this spirit, that the crown becomes more than just a mere object or gesture, it has become a symbol. A symbol unbounded by limitations but inspired by possibilities, something which ORRO as a jewelry house truly believes in.
The crown's design was conceived by the fertile collaboration between the organisers of Miss Universe Singapore 2015 and our designers & jewelers at ORRO. It is a design borne out of passion, dedication and commitment. The success of the crown's design is a testament to the refine craftsmanship that ORRO is well known for. It truly is the magnum opus of the company given the level of details and intricacies of this masterpiece. The opulence that this crown exudes, with the sophistication and elegance fit for a queen was achieved through the synergy of many talented people in both the fashion and jewelry industry.
Fully ornamented and bejewelled with ORRO's Premium Master Cut diamond simulants, ORRO has pushed the boundaries of jewelry craftsmanship to another level. A level of greatness and unrivalled perfection. ORRO hopes to position itself as new breed of jewelry designer, one that caters to a new generation of jewelry aficionados and customers.
The crown was designed using the advancement of modern technology by using a 3D modelling computer software. The software intelligently calculates the number and size of each gemstone to be set based on the design, using a parametric algorithm, produces a symmetrical beauty.
The bridging of new technology and traditional craftsmanship is captured by using traditional craftsmanship methods such as moulding the model of the crown on wax. We ensured that the crown was hand crafted by talented craftsman with decades of experience, where each and every stone was hand-set on the crown. ORRO strongly believes that the processes and handcrafting techniques employed in this context will revolutionize how jewelry will be designed in the near future.
A total of 462 individual ORRO Premium Master Cut diamond simulants were hand-set on the Miss Universe Singapore crown, totalling approximately 172.12 carats - including a dangling 16ct fancy yellow Pear Cut stone and a 5.4ct white Pear Cut stone.
Each and every gem that is set on the crown is individually cultivated and processed before being hand-cut and hand-polished to perfection. They are subsequently hand cut and hand polished to perfection. ORRO has always prided itself in adhering to the highest standard of jewelry making, and this crown is a true testament to that.
Each and every ORRO Premium Master Cut diamond stimulant undergoes rigorous testing in terms of quality and its details. This is to ensure that every stone is created and cut according to a mathematical formula that replicates the brilliance of a naturally mined diamond ray for ray. With such a high standard set upon by ORRO, all of our jewelry pieces are a reflection of the term 'in pursuit of perfection.' The crafting of the Miss Universe Singapore crown clearly has positioned ORRO at the frontiers of avant-garde jewelry design.
ORRO has once again pushed the boundaries of jewelry crafting with the designing and crafting of the Miss Universe Singapore 2015 crown.
The success of this masterpiece has showcased the level of finesse and confidence that ORRO has in terms of jewelry design & craftsmanship. At ORRO, nothing is impossible. With our fully in-house design team and workshop, we are able to push the limits of jewelry design, one that will leave many of our customers amazed.