Ring resizing
Nothing is certain in life, and you definitely have the option to have your ring resized. The reasons to have a ring resized can range from receiving a ring with sentimental value passed down as an heirloom to a change in weight due to a change of lifestyle. Most jewelers do offer resizing service as one of their standard after-sale service.
It is recommended to have your rings professionally resized to ensure that the rings are of good fitting. Do wear the ring for a few days before making the decision to resize the ring as our fingers tend to fluctuate in size throughout the day and weather.
How do I know that my ring needs to be resize?
In essence, a ring of a correct size slides on easily while requiring a little force to remove as it passes through the knuckle.
If the ring is causing discomfort or even swelling, it is definitely too tight and should be resized. O the contrary, when a ring can slip off easily, the size is too big and has to be resized as well. If the ring spins while you are wearing it, this may be an indication that the ring is not in the correct fit. A ring that spins may potentially cos the ring setting to wear and loosen, and result is the stones falling.
With consideration to the design and setting of the ring, there may be a limit on the number of times a ring can be resized. Generally, rings with simpler bands such as solitaire or a simple band ring may be able to resize more than once. On the other hand, size alteration will not be available for rings that is with complicated or intricate settings. In addition, if the ring band has stones around the ring band such as a full-band eternity ring band, size alteration service would not be available as well.
On a side note, it is not advisable for ladies to have their ring resized during their pregnancy period as the finger size may vary significantly during the course of pregnancy.